Owanux! Owanux! (live demo)

by The Drake Equation

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A live recording of our new song, Owanux! Owanux!


Once you break this seal, there's just no telling of the stories you will find
Trust me when I say, my friend, that you can bury anything in time

I know your dirty little scheme
Was not quite so easy as it seemed
Caught up in matters better left alone
I’ve found it difficult to know...my place

No hesitation for the right
As I draw your venom from the bite
I live to serve my father’s call
He brings a day, he brings the day that sees you fall

Consider what you’ve come through
Well, there is so much more to fear
Let the sunlight show you
What is waiting for you here

Memory and word will burn out
They will slowly disappear
Blind in this heated moment
But it will never be so clear

So tell me who will know this tale when all of us who've seen the truth are gone?

Good morning, Mystic River
What a day it’s bound to be!
One last light for things that you are never gonna see
Good morning, Mystic River
Good morning, Mystic River
Good morning, Good morning, Goodbye…

"And indeed such a dreadful terror did the Almighty let fall upon their spirits that they would fly from us and run into the very flames, where many of them perished. And when the fort was thoroughly fired, command was given that all should fall off and surround the fort...The fire was kindled on the North East side to windward; which did swiftly over-run the fort to the extreme amazement of the enemy and the great rejoicing of ourselves
Some of them climbing over the Pallizado; others of them gathering to windward, lay pelting us with arrows; and we repaid them with our small shot; Others of the stoutest issued forth, as we did guess, to the number of forty, who perished by the sword"
(John Mason, A Brief History of the Pequot War p.29).

You hold on to your name
It’s ending all the same
Your word goes up in flame so quickly
My sons will quell this hate
They’ll speak of it as fate
They’ll never try to understand the reason behind
And I know why...


released August 20, 2012



all rights reserved


The Drake Equation Edinboro, Pennsylvania

The Drake Equation brings you engaging and intelligent hard rock made by dangerous radicals who read books and shit...

-The Lineup-

Pat Troester - Vocals, Keys, Samples
Cam Ferranti - Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Samples
Mike Ross - Bass, Vocals
Mike Mast- Drums
Buzzkill Johnson - Inspiration, Political Theory, Black Powder Hunting
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